Saturday, August 15, 2015

Luisanna & Timothy / Masia Villa Catalina

Luisanna is Venezuelan, Timothy is American. They got married in recently restored, beautiful Villa Catalina, hidden away in between the hills of Penedes wine region.  The ceremony was held in the villa's shaded, lush garden and the reception, amongst barrels of wine, inside villa's bodega. The whole event was organized by the Bride and supervised by Philippa Events. Congratulations Lui & Tim!

fot.         Ramiro Elena / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES
planner. Philippa Events / Weddings in Spain
venue.   Villa Catalina, Sant Pere de Ribes

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Alex & Pere / Civil Wedding Ceremony in Sitges

Alex and Pere, our own local Sitgetans (visca Sitges:), had their civil wedding ceremony held in Palau Maricel, Sitges, back in May 2015. We accompanied them throughout preparations, the ceremony and post wedding photo session on the terraces of beautiful Palau Maricel. It was quick but very beautiful and emotional wedding session. I hope you like the result:)
Congratulations Alex and Pere! We wish you all happiness in the world!

Congratulations Guys!!!! :)))

fot. Ramiro Elena / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES
venue. Palau Maricel, Sitges

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